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Patterns and Colors
We offer two types of Stamping Systems.

First is our Seamless Texturing System which produces a unique texture that has no grout or joint lines, giving you more creative control. The textured surface can then be scored or cut to impart pattern lines, or simply left as a large textured surface according to design requirements. Choose a brick, cobble or contrasting texture for a border to accent the main area.

Second is our Patterned Texuring System which imitates the texture and grout lines of natural stone, cobble, brick, and slate. These patterns are more aggressive and deeper than the Seamless Texturing System.

Both of these Systems are colored with a base Primary Color first, using one of two methods: 
    1.) Integral coloring (color added into the cement mixer)
   - More cost effective approach in certain applications
 - Eliminates mess and clean up costs inherent to method 2.
    2.) Surface Color Hardener (dusted on and floated into the surface of the concrete)
    - More vibrant color schemes can be achieved.
    - Creates a stronger and more durable surface finish 

Once it's ready to stamp the second color or colors are applied as a Release Agent for the stamps. The Release Agent is later washed off the surface to reveil a two tone antiqued look.
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european cobble fan
Random Stone Pattern
Grand Ashlar Slate Pattern
Ashlar Slate Pattern
Roman Slate seamless
Smooth Sandstone Seamless Pattern
Rough Stone Seamless Pattern
Sierra Stone Seamless Pattern
Smooth Sandstone Seamless Pattern
Seamless Texture w/ Cobble
Seamless Texture w/ Cobble
Cobble border coffee acid stained
Brick border
Basket weave stamp border
cobble border
Cobble Border
Cobble Border
Roman slate stamp w/ cobble border
Colored Concrete Sponge Finish
Exposed Aggregate